Our superb purpose built cat accommodation consists of high quality reinforced high density polyethylene.  Which offers a superior finish to ensure the highest level of hygiene, and heat efficiency, offering cool conditions in the summer and warm conditions in the winter.  Each cat pen has an individual thermostatically controlled heater which allows the temperature to be adjusted to cater for guests that need extra warmth or kept cooler for the more ‘outdoorsy’ guests.

The cattery provides a safe, clean, comfortable, homely and caring environment for all types of feline guests.

Each cat has its own individual outside exercise and relaxing space plus and internal sleeping and resting area.  They have access to shelves, ladders and hiding places to ensure they have an environment that pleases their character.

We have family units that can house 2 or more friends, with ample room to live together contentedly.

Special needs such as dietary requirements, medication and extra care can all be catered for.

We offer a range of biscuits, meat and treats to provide a varied diet for all of our guests.

Please note that to protect our guests we are unable to accept them without having seen their current vaccination certificates.

We like to make sure you can leave your pet, safe in the knowledge that we’ll provide first-class, experienced care for all of our visitors.